I Love High School … But … I Can’t Wait To Graduate and Start College!

The last four year have zoomed by so fast. I have thoroughly enjoyed my High School year … as well as middle and elementary school.

WOW … how quickly the years have gone by!
Anyway … I am EXCITED about growing up and taking my first BIG step into my future.

Thanks to everyone that has helped me get to this point in my life …
>>> Mommy (Sabrina Saunders-Hodge)
>>> Daddy (LeRoy Hodge)
>>> Jaydon (The brother I wished for and love dearly)
>>> Mema (Carrie Saunders)
>>> PopPop (Earl Saunders)
>>> Grandma (Audrey Clyne)
>>> Uncle Batts and Aunt Gracie
>>> Ms Dianne and Mr. Otis (My god-parents)
>>> Ms. Jackie Kakembo (my extended family)

>>> and countless others … THANK YOU ALL!

I have Narrowed My Choices To …
The Culinary Institute of America and Johnson and Wales

May The BEST of the BEST Schools WIN … ME!